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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Six Months Old

Per usual, skipping the retroactive posts for today and instead, sharing an up-to-date photo(s) as well as a dozen random facts about my six-month-old self:

1. If I think you have cute and fluffy cheeks, I like to squeeze them! Mommy has cute and fluffy cheeks. muahaha.
2. Adults alway study me like they are trying to decipher what I'm thinking. I can do the same, ya know? I look at you guys like I'm trying to figure you out, too.
3. Daddy says because he and mom made me, I am double what they are-- they are both very stubborn so I'm double their stubbornness.
4. I like to beatbox. It's a skill I learned as a result of blowing bubbles all the time.
5. I love my jumperoo. I've been working on my hops so I can play basketball with daddy.
6. I need to roll onto, touch, and feel the entire surface area of my mattress before I am able to sleep.
7. After I'm done with the above, I lay on my side and only then am I able to fall asleep.
8. I've been sleeping ~10.5 hrs a night again.
9. When it's bedtime but I don't want to sleep yet, I fake cry to try and get someone over and play with me.
10. Remember the teething symptoms mentioned in a previous monthly updates post (see links below)? You can see the outline of two bottom teeth getting closer to surfacing.
11. I am wearing sized 12 month clothing. A few 9 month clothing still fit me, but most are a little snug and you know how I feel about shmediums.
12. At my four month checkup, mommy asked my pediatrician how to get me to mellow out and be less energetic especially before bedtime. Doc told mommy that's just part of my personality. lol. lol. lol.

Do you think I'm gonna be a skier? Or, a snowboarder?

How about both!

Photos taken today

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