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Friday, April 7, 2017

Nine Months Old

Per usual, skipping the retroactive posts for today and sharing an up-to-date photo along with a dozen random facts about my nine-month-old self:

1. I'm a fast army crawler. When I crawl towards food, I'm even speedier. 
2. As you probably already know, I love food. My favorite food at the moment is avocado. I stuff them in my mouth piece by piece without a break in between. Yummy, yummy. 
3. I now have 7 teeth. 
4. Cereal puffs are my favorite snack. I love being independent and feeding them to me all by myself, like I do with avocados and any other food that's not puréed. 
5. I crack myself up sometimes. Then I catch mommy and daddy laughing with me... or do they laugh at me?
6. I am wearing 12-18 months old clothing. Some 12 month clothing fit ok but some are snug and you know how I feel about shmedium. People often mistake me for a toddler (12+ months old).
7. Mommy and daddy calls me a crazy, wild, and active monkey. I'm four hands full. That's right, four-- not just "a hand full."
8. I'm in need of another haircut. 
9. I like standing up on my two feet with help. 
10. I have a patented "Ethan pose."
11. When I wear my Spider-Man onesie, daddy dances with me as he sings me the spiderman song.
12. Mommy and daddy pulls the car seat cover over when I'm in the car seat. I know it helps block the bright sun and the mighty winds, but I'm strong and brave. As soon as the car seat cover goes up, I immediately pull it down because I like to see things. 

Photo taken today

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