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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Eight Months Old

Errr... we meant to post this yesterday:

Per usual, skipping the retroactive posts for today and instead, sharing an up-to-date photo as well as a dozen random facts about my eight-month-old self:

1. I now have five teeth; a sixth and a seventh are close to sprouting.
2. I like to press my tongue against my teeth to feel them.
3. It hurts to be bit by my sharp teeth. That's why I don't bite myself when I suck on my hands/fists/thumbs-- but mommy is a grownup so it's ok to bite her when I put her hands/fists/thumbs in my mouth.
4. During bath time, mommy's favorite thing to do is twirl a piece of my hair (at the top) in the air and say "Alfalfa." She was worried my hair would be too short after my major haircut, but nope, she still does it ALL the time.
5. Image an inchworm scooting its bottom up, then scooting its top up. That's how I "crawl." I get on my tummy with my arms/hands extended out in front of me. Then I crawl with my legs until they touch my hands/arms, then I place one side of my face on the ground and slide my body forward.
6. I can't sit up 100% by myself yet but it's not surprising, cause Chubs got more weight to support, ya know what I'm saying? This was the same deal with rolling over. Remember?
7. I don't need to say "cheese" for pictures because my smiles are so full of cheese already.
8. I believe that there's treasure behind the walls. I can't get my hands on any tools so I just scratch the walls with my nails in hopes of digging through them.
9. I can see why mommy is so addicted to Yogurtland. Their non-dairy flavors are legit. I'm a fan too.
10. I have a love/hate relationship with mashed bananas. I hate to eat them but I can't stop eating them.
11. I'm not allowed to have screen time but I'm being spoiled by it right now, for daddy is on a business trip so we FaceTime like crazy. 
12. If you can't tell by the below pic, I'm ready for warm weather. Nobody wants the cold or the snow during spring break. Am I right?

Photo taken today

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