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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Seven Months Old

Per usual, skipping the retroactive posts for today and instead, sharing an up-to-date photo as well as a dozen random facts about my seven-month-old self:

1. My two bottom teeth have sprouted and they keep getting bigger and bigger everyday.
2. I like slapping the table or the floor to make music.
3. I also like scratching things to make music-- especially the sofa. 
4. I'm not allowed to play in the activity gym much anymore because I keep escaping, then I keep rolling around everywhere.
5. I've tried so many different kinds of food. My favorite kind is still the sweet kind, of course. Prunes are good because they are sweet and they help me poop.
6. I think potatoes have absolutely no flavor when eaten by itself. Mom usually gives me a veggie blend when potatoes are involved. I can't wait until I can slather butter on potatoes and honey on fries-- it's mom's favorite dipping sauce for fries. 
7. Broccoli on the other hand, is really flavorful. I really like broccoli, which you might agree is ironic if you've seen --> this <--
8. I had my first major haircut recently. I had a trim at three-months old but it was just the sides. This time, we gave me a significant trim all around.
9. When I'm fed solids, I prefer to take over the spoon and spoon-feed myself.
10.. Peek-a-boo is such an entertaining game.
11. I like to kick and splash around during bath time.
12. I had my first taste of Yogurtland yesterday. I had a bite of mom's froyo and it was too tart for my liking; next time I will need to eat from dad's bowl. 

Photos taken today

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