Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Five Months Old

Per usual, skipping the retroactive post for today and instead, sharing an up-to-date photo as well as a dozen random facts about my five-month-old self:

1. Want to know which dinosaur is the loudest and most active of them all: Ethan-saurus
2. New nicknames: Mr. Rollie Pollie, Rollie Pollie Ethan, Mr. Houdini, Ethan-saurus
3. I LOVE carrots.
4. Something I have learned about food: everything tastes better with sugar.
5. Cereal is so boring. Mom usually mixes pears in there for me. What can I say? Sugar makes everything taste better. 
6. I really, really love carrots.
7. I'm not sure how I feel about the snow. I just know that it makes the world colder and mom always gets cold so easily.
8. I like to pull my binky out of my mouth and toss it across the room.
9. Mom and I are getting over that four-month sleep regression-- we just gotta sleep train each other. 
10. I go berserk whenever I see people eating... sharing is caring, ya know?
11. I love sucking on my toes. Bare feet is tastier, therefore diaper changing time = prime time. Also, given my flexibility, double-fisting comes effortlessly.
12. Mom and dad says I'm full of magic/tricks, which explains how the nickname Mr. Houdini came about.

Who wore it better?

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