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Friday, October 7, 2016

Three-Months Old

Per usual, skipping the retroactive posts for today and sharing an up-to-date photo along with a dozen random facts about my three-month-old self:

1. When I'm stressed, I pull my hair.
2. When mommy's stressed, I pull her hair for her.
3. After bath time, mommy always says I smell yummy-- daddy's scared that mommy's gonna eat me.
4. I recently caught a cold from mommy and daddy and I'm still recovering from it. Being sick is not fun; I get lots of boogers in my nose constantly-- gross, I know.
5. Mommy & daddy took me off the swaddle cold turkey. I adapted just fine given that I always used to break free from it anyway.
6. I've been asking for an upgrade to a queen-sized bed from my bassinet for a while now, but haven't gotten it yet. This is why I need it: Request Upgrade to Queen-Sized Bed
7. I smile for everyone but I save the biggest smiles for daddy.
8. Just like all babies my age, I am currently fascinated by toys that rattle or squeak.
9. I talk to myself a lot-- it often sounds like I'm singing karaoke.
10. I like to grab onto things.
11. After weaning myself off of the binky over a month ago, I decided to take the binky again, but I still prefer my hands/fists/fingers/thumbs. Sometimes I suck on just one finger, sometimes two fingers, sometimes three-- four-- or all five fingers. Sometimes I suck on my entire fist and sometimes I suck on both fists at once. My favorite combination is my thumb and my index finger from the same hand.
12. I am excited for my first Halloween because mommy brought me a cute costume like a year ago and I finally get to wear it.

See two-month-old update: Two Months Old

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