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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Two Months Old

I am two-months old today! I decided to skip the retroactive posts for today. Instead, I am sharing an up-to-date picture of me as well as a dozen random facts about my two-month old self:

1. If you chat with me, I will chat back and smile for you.
2. Mom & dad likes to call me "chubs."
3. I'm always intrigued by my reflection in the mirror.
4. I weaned myself from the binky.
5. Size 3-6 months clothes hardly fit me; size 6-9 months clothes fit much better.
6. When I get hungry, I get hangry.
7. When I'm sleeping and I'm dreaming about food, I smile and I chuckle.
8. Most of the time after I sneeze, I coo.
9. Everyone says I'm toned because I move around and exercise a lot. Check out my recently released workout DVD -->  New Workout DVD
10. I love Ed Sheeran
11. I love watching videos of myself.
12. I only like half-swaddles because I like to keep my arms and hands out. When I am fully swaddled, I always find a way to break free. For a tutorial on how to do this, click here --> How to Break Free from a Straitjacket

Photo taken @ 2 months old

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